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Irish Myths & Legends

Introduction Northern Legends
The myths and legends have a charisma of their own. Early myths were written down by Irish Christian scribes, who had heard them from the filids (Irish storytellers). [More] Read about Legends of the North such as the Curse of Macha, the House of Cullan and more. [More]
Fairies and Enchantments Connacht Tales
In Ireland, the fact that fairies are so plentiful, gives rise to the belief that all fairies are Irish! Fairies may have originated from the neolithic men in Ireland known as "Firbolgs", who hid from the foes in underground holes / dwellings. [More] Here you can find many traditional Irish Tales including "The Fishermans Strange Catch" and the "Bald Man of Bulben" [More]
The Lovers Munster and Leinster
The early Irish kings were crowned in Tara, County Meath. In those days there lived a pretty princess by the name of Gràinne, who was the daughter of the High King of Ireland. [More] A man living in Munster by the name of Brasil, once bought an island from a Scottish chieftain. [More]


Strange Stones Finn Macool
In Ireland there are many stories of stones that float on water. [More]


Finn, the warrior that he was, still had a caring side. It is known that he only shed tears twice in his life, one for the death of his favourite hound dog, Bran, and secondly when his grandson, Osca died. [More]

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