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Famous Britons

These are just some of the famous people who have originated from the British Isles over the years. This is obviously not an exhaustive list but it will grow in time and become a valuable resource for people wishing to know more about Great Britain and her achievements.

Florence Nightingale

Think of caring people and you think of nurses. Think of a nurse and you think of Florence Nightingale. Think of Florence Nightingale and you think of the Lady with the Lamp. [more]

John Constable

Considered by many to be the finest of English Landscape artists, John Constable was born and bred in the Suffolk and Essex border area in East Anglia. [more]

Sir Francis Drake

Seaman and navigator who started his career as a pirate, raiding Spanish treasure ships in the Caribbean. [more]

Sir Edward Elgar

Born in the West Country of England, Broadheath near the lovely city of Worcester to be precise, Edward Elgar is best remembered for the stirring tune which has proven inspirational for generations of English people, 'Land of Hope and Glory'. [more]

Henry VIII

No one English monarch in history can be more famous than Henry VIII. Schoolchildren around the world know of his six wives and their fate, two at the hands of the executioner. [more]

Horatio Nelson

Of all the famed names of British Naval history Nelson stands prominent. His dash and courage could have been scripted by the best modern day screenwriter. [more]

Captain James Cook

A Yorkshireman who was to change the face of the known world in the eighteenth century. Captain James Cook was a Whitby lad. It should be no surprise then that he should feel his future lay with the sea. [more]

1st Duke of Wellington

Sir Arthur Wellesley, as so many of his generation, rose to notoriety through war. The Napoleonic Wars to be exact. He led the British army in the Peninsular War of 1806 when the British and their Spanish and Portuguese Allies pushed the French northwards out of the Iberian Peninsula.[more]

Laurence Olivier

Acknowledged as perhaps the greatest stage actor, and admired screen actor, of his generation. Sir Laurence Olivier will forever be remembered as thequintessential English thespian. [more]

Sir Winston Churchill

The British 'Bulldog spirit' was never best suited by one character at exactly the right time than by Winston (later Sir Winston) Churchill. [more]

Geoffrey Chaucer

Acknowledged by many as the 'Father of English Poetry' Geoffrey Chaucer came to fame through the much vaunted 'Canterbury Tales'. Chaucer was a prolific writer and is to many on a par with the greats that have succeeded him in putting pen to paper. [more]

William Shakespeare

Ever since AD 597 when St Augustine arrived with his band of missionaries , Cantebury Cathedral has been the cradle of English Christianity.[more]

Elizabeth I

Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth was the third of Henry's children to come to the throne. In the political and religious upheaval of the times she found herself a Protestant Queen taking the throne from a Catholic Queen. [more]

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell was a pious man from the county of Huntingdon. He achieved both fame and power through his increasing involvement in the defeat of King Charles the First by the forces of Parliament in the 1640's. [more]

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