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Westminster Abbey

Edward the Confessor, King of England (1042-66), had lived in exile in Normandy for some time and it was while he was there that he saw the architecture that inspired him to create a great abbey in England [more]


In the 17th Century John Aubrey noted that Avebury surpassed Stonehenge 'as a Cathedral doth a Parish Church'. [more]

Westminster Palace

Throughout the centuries of monarchical rule, Britain's finest craftsmen worked on creating exquisite palaces for the royalty of the day. In the 19th century however the blance of power had shifted to such an extent that a new place was to be built but not for royalty - A palace was to be built for democracy. [more]

Hadrian's Wall

It was in 122 AD that the Emperor Hadrian ordered the building of a wall across the country from the Tyne to the Solway to separate the land of the Britons from the land of the Picts.[more]


Ever since AD 597 when St Augustine arrived with his band of missionaries, Canterbury Cathedral has been the cradle of English Christianity.[more]


Nearly 100 henges survive today scattered as far apart as Cornwall and the Orkney Isles. Above all though it is Wessex that henges are to be found including the two most famous of Stonehenge and Avebury.[more]

St Paul's Cathedral

Britain's only classical cathedral is alson the only one concieved and completed by one man in his own lifetime. Christopher Wren was 43 when the foundation stone was laid and he was 79 when the building was completed. [more]


A thousand years before the Roman Conquest of Britain there was a bronze age settlement in the Colchester area. In the 1st century AD, the leader of the Catuvellauni tribe, Cunobelin - Shakespeare's Cymbeline - moved his capital to this ancient site.[more]

The Tower of London

What have the romans ever done for us? Well why not take a look in here to find out! [more)


From 1702 onwards, the old Roman city of Bath underwent a meteoric rise to become the most fashionable and popular leisure resort in Georgian England.[more]

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