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The Origins of Rome

In AD 114 you could travel from Scotland to the Sahara desert and still be within the Roman empire but where did the Empire come from how did it start ... (more)

The Conquest of Britain

In the year of 61 BC the Roman republic had conquered Italy, most of the mediterranean and was making serious inroads towards Gaul ... (more)

Roman Baths

The public baths were a very important social centre in Roman life. Most Roman men went to the baths in the afternoons; the entrance fee was only a quadrans, and anyone could go in ... (more)

The Roman Villa

In 350, a survey showed that Rome had only 1782 private houses. Most people rented an insula (‘island’) in one of the 46,602 apartment blocks ... (more)

The Slave System

The Roman economy was built on a foundation of slavery, which was taken for granted as a normal feature of society ... (more)

Roman Technology

The Romans were great engineers. They built roads which formed the backbone of their vast empire, and their water supply was not equalled by any system before the nineteenth century ... (more)

Roman Women

The Romans believed that women were the weaker sex. Families mourned when a baby girl was born, and sometimes girls were exposed - left out in the cold to die - if the father was displeased ... (more)

Travel throughout the empire

People travelled the highways not only for military or business purposes, but even as tourists. These travellers influenced the countries they passed through; during the Pax Romana Christianity spread from the east to the west, thanks to the roads and seas ... (more)

The Roman Army

In the second century BC the Roman Army consisted of four legions. Each legion comprising of about five thousand legionaries . . . (more)

The Emperors

In the year of 509 BC the people of Rome expelled the last of their kings and Rome became a republic which it’s citizens believed they had the right and duty to run. ... (more)


In the south-east of Britain, as well as in Gaul, the population had already begun to settle into an agricultural way of life before the Romans arrived. ... (more)

The Roman Diet

Very poor Romans, who lived in the insulae, had no cooking facilities. They had to eat cold food, or else buy hot food from the thermopolia in the streets ... (more)


The Roman emperors kept their popularity by providing what has cynically been called "bread and circuses" ... (more)

Glossary of Common Words

A list of common words used when describing the Romans . . . (more)

A Roman Street

Famous People

A collection of the most famous people who lived during the Roman Empire.

Trade within the empire

The Pax Romana was the only time in history when the whole Mediterranean and the lands around it were at peace under a united government ... (more)


Roman religion was strongly influenced by Greek tradition: the Romans decided early on that their gods must be the same as those of the Greeks ... (more)


The Romans had a good knowledge of medicine, and likely used Galen’s and Celsus’ texts to train their doctors. ... (more)

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