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Windsor Castle


Another room designed by Wyatville incorporating very old parts of the Castle dating from the 12th century. Charles II redecorated this apartment, then two rooms, and used them as audience and presence chambers. Wyatville swept everything away though he incorporated the carving possibly by Grinling Gibbons from that period which now surrounds James Gunn's fine portrait of the present Queen. Her Majesty is shown wearing the collar of the Order of the Garter suspended from which is the 'George'.

This is where the Knights of the Garter congregate with the Sovereign of the Order on 'Garter Day' in June when Her Majesty invests new Knights. After luncheon they foregather in St George's Hall and the procession goes down to the Lower Ward and through the great west door of St George's Chapel. The walls of the Garter Throne Room are lined with portraits of Sovereigns of the Order in their robes including Winterhalters of Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort. The ceiling motif incorporates the Star of the Order of the Garter.

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