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Princes' William and Henry

Princes William and Henry are the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Prince William (left), as first son of the heir, is second in line to the throne. One day he will become King William V, a great and heavy responsibility that became his at birth in 1982. Since 1985 it has been royal policy that William should not fly in the same aeroplane as his father, Charles, since one fatal crash would mean the loss of England's next two kings.

Since the tragic loss of their mother the Princes' have found the affection of the public turned ever more towards them. With such affection comes a great deal of interest and so when it was perhaps a story a fortnight concerning one or both of them that made it's way into the media today reports on them are more frequent. William is currently enjoying his education at the world famous Eton public school in Berkshire, having been joined in 1998 by Harry. Both boys had to pass the entrance examination for the historic school as would any other prospective scholar. The boys have naturally grown closer to their father, though there never was a truly visible gulf between them, and all three share summer holidays together with each Christmas seeing their personalised greetings cards figuring both the sense of togetherness and also family fun they share prominently.

Henry (or 'Harry'), born in 1984, is third in line to the throne. This effectively ensures that the House of Windsor (possibly to be re-named Mountbatten-Windsor), will continue a long way into the 21st century.

Both William and Harry, very important young royals, have been given a pioneering childhood considering their status. They have been kept close to their parents on most occasions and Charles is not too shy to show his affection for them in public, previously not a common trait of high-profile royals. This all marks a change in the approach of a monarchy adapting to new social conditions and expectations.

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