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John Logie Baird (1888-1946) was a Scottish inventor and a pioneer of the television. Baird's earliest success came in October 1925, when, using apparatus that included biscuit tins and darning needles, he produced an image of a ventriloquist's dummy on a television screen. In 1929, he introduced Phonovision. This video system used 12-inch discs with pictures recorded on to them. Baird's system was used in experimental broadcasts by the BBC from 1929, but he was superseded by a superior electronic scanning system when public broadcasting began in 1936. Baird's other inventions included an infrared night-vision device (1926), colour and stereoscopic televisions, demonstrated in 1928, and video recorders, marketed in 1935.

Although television has been one of the most influential inventions, Baird made very little money from his discovery.

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