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The Chimu occupied land along the Peruvian coast beside the northern Andes mountains. They may have descended from the earlier Moche people in the same area. By the 11th century, the Chimu had created a powerful state called Chimor, based on a capital, Chan Chan, and ruled over by lords and priests. Chan Chan was 20 sq km in area. It contained several giant rectangular enclosures, in which Chimu lords lived with their entourage. Outside were humble mud dwellings for the poorer people. Chan Chan was well supplied with food from irrigated farmland nearby. In the early 1100s huge rainstorms ruined these fields, and new land had to be found. So the Chimu conquered neighbouring territories, and a system of roads was built to link each new farm to the city. The Chimu were skilful weavers, and thousands of potters also worked at Chan Chan. In 1466 the Chimu empire was overrun by the Incas under the leadership of Topa.

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