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These are some of the traditions and ceremonies which take place at the Tower of London.

Ceremony of the Keys
The traditional locking up of the Tower of London each night. This ceremony has been carried out every night for the last 700 years. This section also contains instructions on how you can see the ceremony carried out - you need to get a ticket since the ceremony takes place after the Tower has closed for visitors.

The Beating of the Bounds
The historic ceremony of the triennial beating of the bounds of the Tower Liberty, first records of which date back to AD 1555, took place on Ascension Day, Thursday 31 May 1984.

The Ceremony of the Lillies and Roses
In 1471 King Henry VI was murdered at prayers in the Oratory of the Wakefield tower between eleven and twelve o'clock on the night of the 21st May. His body rests in St George's Chapel at Windsor, in which Castle he was born on the 6th of December 1421. The King's birthday has long been celebrated by both his Colleges as Founders Day and since 1905 two King's Scholars of Eton have laid a sheaf of its white lilies on his tomb on that day.

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