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Salt Tower

Constructed by Henry III, this tower stood at the south-east corner of the fortress, with the river to the south of it and the moat to the east. Originally designed for residential use as well as military, as the fireplace on the first floor testifies, John Baliol, King of Scotland, occupied this tower in 1297-9. Well into the thirteenth century it was still referred to as Baliol's Tower. During Elizabeth's I reign prisoners who were considered somewhat less important were kept here, including several Jesuits.

One of the Salt Towers residents, Hugh Draper, imprisoned in 1561 for suspected sorcery carved an extremely impressive astronomical sphere which can still be seen. The Salt Tower is notorious for stories of hauntings and apparitions and it is said that several Yeoman Warders, past and present would not go there for fear of a ghostly encounter.

The upper part of the tower was restored by Anthony Salvin 1856.

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