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2nd October 1994

Overheard in St Thomas' Tower. An American lady looking at the leaflet dispenser with it's national flags for different languages, turned to her husband and said;

"Hey honey they have them in God damn Japanese but there ain't no American"

Having pointed out the Union Jack saying;

"These are English madam"

She said

"That's your flag but it still ain't American"

She then walked away having taken a leaflet in FRENCH!

15th January 1995

Sunday morning just before 11am

Tourist: "I'd like to attend the Church service at 11.00"

Yeoman Warder: "Certainly sir this way"

Tourist: "How can I attend the 9.15 service?"

Yeoman Warder: "Get here earlier sir"

31st March 1995

Tourist: "Does the London Marathon finish in Brighton?"

23rd May 1995

An American lady was enquiring about the ravens and after I'd told her the story about the legend of the ravens and how Charles II had decreed that six must be kept at the Tower at all times. She then asked me if any of the ravens at the Tower were the original six.

1st June 1995

An elderly American lady at the West gate asked "Where do I catch the bus to Ireland? My husband and I thought we'd go there for a day out."

28th June 1995

Indian Visitor: "I am from India! Can you tell me where in the Tower they kept Mahatma Gandhi?"

30th July 1995

American Tourist: "Where is Henry VIII buried?"

Yeoman Warder: "Frogmore near Windsor Castle"

American Tourist: "Yes but where else?"

January 1996

On the day of the Roll-over Jackpot in the lottery a visitor having a good look around St Thomas' Tower said:

Tourist: "If I win tonight I'll come back and finish this off for you!"

April 1996

Tourist (indicating London Bridge): "Say is that a replica of London Bridge?"

Yeoman Warder: "No sir that is London Bridge"

Tourist: "Oh really - you're kidding"

March 1997

Asked by some American Tourists;

Tourists: "What do the initials ER mean on your tunic?"

Yeoman Warder: "Elizabeth the second, sir"

Tourists: "Oh really, when did she live?"

September 1997

A lady asked me to explain what the wall was between the east side of the Bloody Tower and the Broadwalk steps. I explained that it was part of the Great Hall of Henry III.

Tourist: "What happend to him?"

Yeoman Warder: "He died"

Tourist: "Gee I'm Sorry. I heard about Princess Diana but I didn't know the King had also died"

August 1998

Whilst collecting tickets at the middle tower two American tourists handed over their tickets and enquired where they should change for Harrods. I asked them where they thought they were and they replied; "The Underground Station". They got a full refund.

October 1998

Tourist: "Have you worked here all your life?"

Yeoman Warder: "Not yet!"

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