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Within this section you can read interviews with several of the Yeoman Warders of the Tower. You can find out what drew them to become Yeoman Warders and why they enjoy the work so much.

Thomas Henry Sharp
Recently promoted to Yeoman Gaoler, Tom Sharp's duties within the Tower of London have increased ten fold, yet his outside interests remain as wide and varied as ever. He has a love of electronic and mechanical gadgetry often being called upon when something breaks down in the Tower...

David Bryan
Born in Spalding, Lincolnshire Yeoman Warder Dave Bryan, or Big Dave the Beafeater as he is known joined the military service in 1957. From that day on his whole life changed, as he explains...

Crawford Butler
Yeoman Warder Crawford Butler is a man of varied interests and hobbies, one of his favourite pastimes being that he is an ardent supporter of Liverpool football team. Any mention of the game of Soccer and he will look you straight in the eye and without hesitation say There is only one team and that's Liverpool. The debate on the subject usually ends there...

Raymond Crook
Yeoman Warder Ray Crook's interest in the English Longbow stems from his historical knowledge on the battle of Agincourt which took place in 1415. As he is eager to explain On that day the English Longbowman earned the title as the most feared soldier of his time throughout Europe...

John Keohane
Yeoman Warder John Keohane is fortunate in the fact that his army life has taken him to the four corners of the globe including Singapore, Holland, Thailand and Oman to name but a few. For this reason alone it seems quite clear that for him to apply for a post as a Yeoman Warder was a natural progression. Now, after spending 27 years of his life travelling the world he has the world coming to him, via the Tower of London's massive tourist input...

Dave Chenier
Yeoman Warder Dave Chenier's life beyond the Tower of London covers many different routs. From a love of golf to his knowledge of the American civil war and with an active fascination for tales of old London Dave is constantly on the move...

Michael Sterling Bostock
Before becoming a Yeoman Warder Mick Bostock spent 24 years in the army's Royal Armoured Corps which is basically a mechanised version of the Cavalry. For most of his military service he was stationed in North Africa and Germany. His introduction to life as a Yeoman Warder happened almost by accident, as he explained...

Roderick Truelove
Yeoman Warder Rod Truelove's life in the Royal Army Pay Corps certainly kept him mobile, as he explained. "Being in the Pay Corps means that you are constantly moving from unit to unit. I love travelling so this was the perfect opportunity for me to see the world and get paid for it..."

Brian Harrison
Brian Harrison's pre-Tower of London army career spans twenty three years. Starting out in the Infantry he rapidly became an instructor for special weaponry and has taught throughout the globe. Upon leaving the armed forces in 1977 Brian almost immediately took up his position as a Yeoman Warder in Her Majesty's Tower of London...

Tom Trent
One thing for sure is that Tom Trent will never forget the date of his first day as a Yeoman Warder as it also happened to be the 450th anniversary of the execution of Anne Boleyn. On 19th May 1986 Tom became a member of the Body of Yeoman Warders and took up residency in the Tower of London. His introduction to the Tower happened long before that day though, as he explained...

Mick Casson
Mick Casson's life as a Yeoman Warder and resident of the Tower of London began on the 4th March 1988. Running parallel with many of his colleagues at the Tower, Mick's 25 years of military service took him to the four corners of the globe. One difference is that Mick was armed with a set of percussive musical instruments and was literally playing drums around the world, much the same as I have done only under different circumstances of course...

Joe Hubble
Yeoman Warder Joe Hubble's travels during his 28 years in the Black Watch regiment were as far and wide as can be imagined. As one finds out upon talking to him his army life has been filled with many adventures often placing him in the midst of active service at many of the worlds worst trouble spots. There is however one small period of time in what he describes as the most boring nine months of his life...

Vic Lucas
Born and raised in Edinburgh Scotland, Vic Lucas' 23 years in the army kept him constantly on the move taking him as far as Australia, Cyprus, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Malta to name but a few. This certainly satisfied his taste for travel and was a far cry from his pre-military days as a roof-slater and steeplejack...

Idwal Bellis
As with his fellow Yeoman, Idwal's army career took him far and wide across the globe mainly on peaceful tours of duty however, one incident remains firmly implanted in his brain: This is what he told me "Well, it's simply that in 1982 I was with the Welsh Guards fighting in the Falklands war. Unfortunately we got sorted out by an area recognisance team of the Argentine airforce and the ship I was on went down...

Phil Parker
Phil Parker is one of the new breeds of Yeoman Warders having only been at the Tower since 1997. During his nineteen years service in the Light Infantry he has seen more than his fair share of global travelling. Among the country's he has visited are Canada, Cyprus, Germany and the Falklands. Upon leaving the army Phil became a newsagent but after a short period of time he heard that there were openings at the Tower of London for Yeoman Warders.

Keith Hanson
The Body of Yeoman Warders is made up of approximately 39 members so for each one that leaves service another begins. Keith Hanson is one of the newer breeds of Yeoman Warder having been at the Tower at this time of writing for just one year.

Phil Wilson
One of the Tower's more recent additions to the Body of Yeoman Warders is Phil Wilson. He is part of a trio of Beefeaters that have come to be known as the class of 97,the other two thirds being George Brodie and Keith Hanson.

George Brodie
George Brodie is what could be referred to (excuse the pun) as the new kid on the block. Although his track record as a Yeoman Warder reaches back only as far as July 1997 George has already proved to be an integral part of the Body of Yeoman Warders.

John Kenny
John Kenny's Military career saw him serving in many countries of the east and far eastern regions of the globe including Nepal, Borneo, Malaya, Singapore and India. The main reason for this is that for the last nine years of his term of service he was a member of what are possibly the most notorious military units in the world, the Ghurka's.

John Perkins
Who better to ask than one of the Tower of London's longest standing members of staff, jewel house supervisor, former zookeeper, professional gastronomist and staunch south Londoner, John Perkins. On one of England's rare warm summer's nights, after consuming several drinks in the Yeoman Warders club I asked him about his life in and away from the Tower of London. This is what he told me.

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