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T'was a cold and misty winters night. Amidst the howling of the wind and the creaking of the trees, the faint rattle of chains could be heard accompanied by the screams of the undead. Suddenly!!!! the room was filled with an icy cold which gave way to an intense heat. ..Then!!!! a tap, tap, taping on the roof followed by the flapping of wings and the loud shrill of a Raven set the reality of the situation.

From within the room a voice rang out This can't be true it said, Oh no!!!! this can't be happening, not again said another. But it was true, it was happening and nothing could stop it...... apart from one man off course. The lone figure lurking in the shadows beyond Tower Green

...The Raven Master.

For on that cold and misty winters night the Tower of London Ravens just would not settle down.

Well, that certainly grabbed your attention, didn't it. Why?... because everybody loves a good ghost story. Not that the above is by any means a good ghost story but I just felt the need to set the stage for the real thing.

There are many stories of ghosts, poltergeists and other malevolent spirits connected to the Tower of London. Who hasn't heard the one about the headless apparition of Anne Boleyn stalking the Tower grounds at night. Who for instance, hasn't heard stories of the chained and headless Sir Walter Raliegh being seen on the ramparts close to where he was kept prisoner. The Tower of London with its 900 years of history has earned itself a multitude of spine tingling stories, mainly due to its infamous reputation as a place of execution. The following stories are different in the fact that as far as we know, they have never been told before, at least not beyond the boundaries of the Tower of London.

Anyone of a nervous disposition is advised to leave the auditorium now, as they say.

Seven Tower Green
"Long before I moved in I had heard eerie stories connected to the house. One such story surrounding the previous occupants of number 7 concerns the wife of a Tower of London reverend who lived here a few years ago..

The Ghost of Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn, the most celebrated of the wives of Henry VIII was beheaded on Tower Green in 1536. Her ghost has frequently been seen both on the Green and more spectacularly in the Chapel Royal situated in the White Tower. It was in the Chapel that a Captain of the Guard saw a light burning in the locked Chapel late at night...

Traitors Gate
The Traitors' Gate was the watergate entrance for prisoners condemned after trial at Westminster. It dates from 1240 when Henry III enlarged the fortress by building extra defence works. There is a story that when the work was nearing completion...

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