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HRH The Princess Royal, GCVO

Born on 15th August 1950, Anne is the second of the Queen's children. Unlike her brothers, Anne was educated at the Palace and in France. Whilst not excelling in academia, the Princess did prove herself to be a great horsewoman.

Anne became closely involved with competitive riding, especially 'three-day eventing', and was successful even before she left school. After a good competitive career she represented Britiain in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. She was also the recipient of the much coveted BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award in the 1970s. Princess Anne is now president of the British Olympic Association.

Princess Anne has gained wide praise for her wealth of charity work as President of the Save The Children Fund. Her tours to some of the most deprived areas of the world are an important publicity boost for both the charities involved and for areas of need.

Princess Anne was given the great honour of being made Princess Royal in 1987 for her untiring and highly active work for charity and her country. This is effectively the female equivalent of the honour 'Prince of Wales', few such titles are given out by kings and queens.

Anne has two children from her first marriage to Captain Mark Phillips, they are Peter and Zara. Peter has been honoured by playing for his adopted Scotland at Rugby Union and Zara has herself been in the news with a rather controversial piece of body piercing. They both provide a great deal of pride to the often misunderstood Princess Royal. After an amicable and quiet divorce in April 1992, Anne married Commander Timothy Laurence R.N. in December 1992.


  • GCVO - Royal Victorian Order.
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