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Clan Chattan

Clan Chattan is one of the most ancient combination of clans, consisting of the Mackintoshes, Davidsons, Macphersons, MacGillivrays and MacBeans, and later other clans such as the Farquharsons.

As is demonstrated by the crest badge and motto, the meaning for this clan is 'clan of cats'.

The first chief was Gillechattan Mor, and from him descended Eva, whose father Dougall Dall, 6th chief conferred the chiefship. Eva's husband, Angus recieved the title Captain of Clan Chattan.

There has always been a great feud over whom can lay stake to the chiefship of Clan Chattan. The chiefs of Clan Macpherson have lain claim through descent from Muireach, the Parson of Kingussie in 1173, the father of Gillichattan Mor and of Ewan Ban, the progenitor of Clan Macpherson.

This feud spanned over two hundred years, with the Macphersons gaining only, the the right of arms of a cadet of Clan Chattan, which was held until 1938 by the 28th chief of Mackintosh, who died without a male line. This lead to the chiefship of Clan Chattan and Mackintosh being separated until 1947, when the Lord Lyon gave the arms of Clan Chattan to Duncan Alexander Elliot Mackintosh.

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