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The Knights of the Round Table

The fellowship of the knights of King Arthur who included Sir Bedivere, Sir Gawain and Sir Lancelot. Their most famous adventure was the quest for the Holy Grail which was eventually found by Sir Galahad.

The Round Table was first described in 1155 by the poet Robert Wace who held that Arthur devised the table to promote equality among the knights. A table said to the Round Table hangs in the Castle Hall in Winchester but this dates only from the 13th century.

The Round Table

King Arthur

Sir Bedivere / Sir Bors de Ganis / Sir Gaheris / Sir Galahad
Sir Gareth / Sir Gawain / Sir Geraint / Sir Kay
Sir Lamorak de Galis / Sir Lancelot / Sir Percivale / Sir Tristran

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