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James III of Scotland, 1460-1488

James came to the throne at the age of nine and was in the power of the Scottish lords right from the outset.

It whilst while under the self-serving influence of these nobles that his marriage to Margaret, daughter of King Christian of Denmark, Norway and Sweden was arranged. This arrangement led to the Orkney Islands, Western Isles and Shetland Islands being given to Scotland in the form of a dowry.

He could not count on the loyalty of his brothers who he had thrown into prison. One managed to escape and fled to England where Edward IV recognised him as King of Scotland. This led to the confederate lords attempting rebellion against James in 1488. James was defeated at the Battle of Sauchieburn. He was murdered after the battle by an assassin dressed in the garb of a priest.

His marriage to Margaret was blessed with the births of James, James and John.

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