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George V, 1910-1936

George was born in 1865. He married Princess Mary of Teck and they had the following children: Edward, George, Mary, Henry, George Duke of Kent and John.

George was the eldest surviving son of his predecessor, but never prepared for his role as monarch, as his elder brother died when George was 27. George was in the Navy and thoroughly enjoyed it. He had to give up this role to train for kingship and had to marry the fiancee of this dead brother, who had been hand-picked by Queen Victoria.

George had a wonderful relationship with his father, but he and his wife Mary were incapable of giving the same love to their children. He was thrown into the crisis of World War I, which was actually beneficial for the monarchy, unlike most of the other countries in the war. George started the tradition of Christmas addresses to the nation on the radio, and was always held with sincere affection by the populace.

As a result of a navy career George had many tattoos. In 1917, George relinquished all German titles and styles belonging to the royal family - a substantial number - and ordered the royal family's name changed to Windsor.

George died on the 20th of January 1936 at Sandringham, Norfolk, England of pneumonia, he was 71 years old. He is buried at St Georges Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire, England.

Titles Knight of the Garter
Great Steward of Scotland
Baron Killarney (1892 created title)
Earl of Inverness (1892 created title)
Duke of York (1892 created title)
Lord of the Isles (1901 inherited title)
Baron of Renfrew (1901 inherited title)
Earl of Carrick (1901 inherited title)
Duke of Cornwall (1901 inherited title)
Duke of Rothesay (1901 inherited title)
Prince of Wales (1901, created title)
King of Great Britain(1910-1936)
Emperor of India (1910-1936)

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