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George III, 1760-1820

George was born in 1738, and married Charlotte Sophia, daughter of the Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

Their children were: George, Frederick, William, Charlotte, Edward, Augusta, Elizabeth, Ernest, Augustus, Adolphus, Mary, Sophia, Octavius, Alfred and Amelia.

When George arrived at the throne he was 22 years old and was incredibly shy and had terribly low self-esteem. He gained confidence when he recieved the crown and decided on four main areas of action. He would bring the crown and the monarchy into its former glory, he would end the rule of the Whigs, he would end the Seven Year War and he would campaign throughout the country to uplift moral standards.

He had to put up with great stick from John Wilkes, a gifted young politician and propaganderist, who challenged the King and his advisers. Wilkes was later arrested and then released as the arrest was made illegal and he received great support from the populace. Wilkes also received sympathy from the colonists of the Americas, whom George was desperate to curb.

George issued the Stamp Act, which allowed the Americans to be taxed without being represented in a Parliament. George over-reacted to the American protests and increased his already manic feud with them. He eventually hit America with the Four Acts of Parliament and to which Boston and Massachusetts reacted with violence and resistance. So began another war.

George could not consider any political concessions and this was his downfall, as what was originally a backyard skirmish developed into a war with all of Europe. This madness ran against everything everyone believed in at the time: the cause of liberty and freedom.

He died of old age at 81 years.

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