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George II, 1727-1760

George was born in 1683 and married Caroline of Anspach. They had eight children: Frederick, Anne, Amelia, Caroline, George, William, Mary and Louisa.

On the death of George I. George was prepared to get rid of Walpole, with whom he had been on bad terms with, but his canny wife, Caroline, persuaded him to keep him on. Caroline always looked after and advised her husband, who was primarily a soldier, and it was this occupation that he remained with all his life.

The King and Queen were deeply besotted with each other, although they were both known to occasionally take other partners. When Caroline died the King was at a loss, and it also meant the decline of Walpole's government which had kept Britain at peace for nearly a generation.

Now the King was ready for a war, with France and Spain, and whilst he was on the Continent, he was summoned home to rescue his country from an invasion by Bonnie Prince Charlie, who was eventually defeated. The country continued fighting other wars to gain imperial victories.

George died at the age of 76 years.

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