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George I, 1714-1727

George was born in 1660, and was married to Sophia Dorothea, daughter of the Earl of Brunswick. They had three children: George, Sophia and Dorothea.

The surname of the Royal family was now Guelph. George was a German prince famed for his boredom and wenching. One of George's mistresses reported to George that Sophia was having an affair of the heart with the Swedish, Count von Konigsmarck. He was given a false rendezvous with Sophia and was never seen again, but his bones were found under her dressing room years later.

Sophia, herself was imprisoned and died there, 32 years later. It was twenty years after the imprisonment of Sophia that George came to the throne of England and brought with him his mistress: Charlotte de Kielmanssegge. Neither of the pair could speak English. When they settled into to ruling the country, they worked on the basis of the more bribes the better.

The English found George fairly stupid but were fond of him and he felt happy with this view. He could leave the running of the country to the government, which is when Sir Robert Walpole came into power.

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