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Edward VIII, 1936

Born Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David Windsoron the 23rd June 1894 at White Lodge, Richmond Park, Surrey, England, the son of King George V and Mary of Teck (Queen Mary).

King Edward was styled as "By the Grace of God, of Great Britain and Ireland and the British Dominions Beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India". Known within his family as David, Edward did not get along with this father, according to some sources he was terrified of him. King of Great Britain in January 1936 he abdicated the throne on December 10th 1936 for his love for Wallis Simpson.

Plans for Edward's coronation, upset by the abdication, were left in place for his brother George VI. in May 1936 while riding back from an army parade in Hyde Park, Edward survived an assassination attempt made by an Irish journalist who was angry at the Home Secretary. The would-be killer, George McMahon, pulled out a gun, which came loose during a struggle with police and fell under the King's horse. The police retrieved the gun and Edward kept on riding. Edward known as the Duke of Windsor after his abdication published his autobiography, "A King's Story" in 1951. The Duke was the subject of a 1965 documentary, "A King's Story".

Edward married Wallis on the 3rd of June 1937 at Chateau de Cande, Monts, France. He was 43 years old, there are no known children from this marriage. The Duke died on 28th may 1972 at the age of 78 from natural causes, he is buried at Windsor, Berkshire, England.

Titles Knight of the Garter
Great Steward of Scotland
Lord of the Isles (1910 inherited)
Baron of Renfrew (1910 inherited)
Earl of Carrick (1910 inherited)
Duke of Cornwall (1910 inherited)
Duke of Rothesay (1910 inherited)
Prince of Wales (1910, created title)
King of Great Britain(1936, Jan - Dec)
Emperor of India (1936, Jan - Dec)
Duke of Windsor (1937 created title after abdication)

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