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Edward II, 1307-1327

Edward was born in 1284 and married Isabella of France, who bore him four children: Edward, John, Eleanor and Joanna.

King of England, he came to the throne in 1307 succeeding his father Edward I. His attachment to favourites such as Piers Gaveston brough violent opposition from the barons. He lost control of Scotland when Robert Bruce defeated his army at Bannockburn in 1314.

Edward's queen, Isabella of France, together with her lover, Roger Mortimer, staged a rebellion which overthrew the king in 1326. In 1327 they forced Edward to renounce the throne in favour of his son, Edward III; he was then tortured and brutally murdered in Berkeley.

Edward was made Prince of Wales in 1301, the first heir to the English throne to be given the title.

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