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Edmund II, "Ironside" 1016

The son of Ethelred II was crowned King in April 1016.

He was married to Ealdgyrth who bore him two sons, Edward and Edmund.

As one of three claimants to the throne of England following the death of Sweyn it would not be unreasonable to have expected a bloody war of succession to take place. This expected war did not, however, happen as Sweyn's son Cnut or Canute who was the main threat to Edmund's succession decided that he could make do with Denmark and Norway for now. Perhaps as a macabre reminder to the English that he was not gone forever Cnut showed a typical Viking lack of mercy by having the English hostages, which Sweyn had taken as an assurance of English fielty, mutilated.

Edmund did not enjoy a lengthy reign and it is suggested that he was murdered after just 7 months on the throne of England. However he died, he was aged just 26 when he passed his final breath in London on 30th November, 1016.

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