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Queen Anne, 1702-1714

Anne was born on the 6th of February 1665 at St James's Palace and was the second daughter of James II and Anne Hyde. She married George, Prince of Denmark at St. James's Palace on the 28th of July 1683.

She had 18 pregnancies from which 13 were still-births, the other surviving children were Mary, Anne Sophia, William Duke of Gloucestershire, Mary, George.

She succeeded her brother-in-law, William of Orange, as Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland on March 18, 1702, at the age of 37. Her inheritance from William included a turbulent political relationship with France, notably a dispute that began in 1700 over the French claim to the vacant Spanish throne and broke into open war two months after Anne's accession. Known as the War of Spanish Succession, this conflict gave the British, under the generalship of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, four great victories in battle and established Britain as a major European power.

Anne lived for her husband, George of Denmark, who was thought of badly by everyone else at Court because of his few accomplishments. She personally nursed him in 1708 day and night as he lay on his death bed.

Anne's best friend for many years was Sarah Churchill, the wife of the Earl of Malborough. He was to be her political influence, until a major quarrel.

The death of Anne's only heir resulted in highly increased chances of a Jacobite succession, this led to the Act of Succession to ensure only a protestant could take the crown.

When Anne died of apoplexy in 1714, the Whigs called in George, Elector of Hanover to succeed. Her death was also the death of the rule of the House of Stuart.

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