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The Peerage - Viscounts

Viscounts display nine silver balls on a circlet in an heraldic representation of their coronet. Even if a Viscount has a secondary title of baron, this is not used by his heir and all his children are simply 'Hons'. Some heirs to Scottish Viscounts are known as the Master of Somewhere-or-other. The premier Viscount of Scotland is Lord Falkland and his son, the Hon. Lucius Cary, is known as The Master of Falkland. Such designations are not courtesy titles but ancient and honourable Scottish designations in their own right. The heir of the Earl of Caithness is known as Lord Berriedale by courtesy, but his more ancient and legally recognised title is The Master of Caithness.

Viscount Hereford is the premier Viscount in England. The title in recent years has been used to reward distinguished statesmen who deserve more than a mere barony to get them into the Lords, but are not so distinguished as to merit an earldom.

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