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The Order of St Michael and Saint George

    The Sovereign
    Grand Master: The Duke of Kent
    Three classes
    Knights or Dames Grand Cross (G.C.B)
    Knights or Dames Commanders (K.C.B.or D.C.B.)
    Companions (C.B.)

Malta and the Ionian Islands, were placed under British Protection as a result of the Napoleonic Wars. Their position in the Mediterranean made them strategically important to Great Britain who held great influence in the area. In 1818, the Prince Regent on behalf of his father King George III, founded the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George as an honour to reward the natives of these islands.

When the Ionian Islands were ceded to Greece in 1850, the order was entirely remodelled so that British subjects living or serving abroad were eligible for this appointment. As the British Empire extended its influence across the world, the Order developed accordingly. By 1861 its three divisions contained 100 Knights Grand Cross (G.C.M.G.) 300 Knights Commanders (K.C.M.G.) and 600 Companions (C.M.G).

Membership of the Order is now awarded to men and women who have held, or will hold, high and confidential offices or who render extraordinary or important service (other than military) in a foreign country. It may also be conferred for important or loyal service in relation to Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. The membership today consists of the Sovereign, The Duke of Kent (Grand Master) and 103 Knights and Dames Grand Cross, 239 Knights and Dames Commanders and 1317 Companions.

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