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Tayside, Scotland

Tayside The region of Tayside is, as the name obviously implies, centred around the river Tay, the longest river in the whole of Scotland.

The region includes the formerly independent counties of Perthshire, Angus and Forfarshire.

Created in the mid-70's following the re-drawing of county borders by the government of the day, Tayside covers an expanse of some 2,973 square miles and has a population of some 400,000.

The administrative centre is to be found in the city of Dundee with other major towns being Perth, Arbroath and Forfar.

Principal products include beef and dairy farming with soft fruit grown in the fertile Carse of Gowrie (South West of Dundee) - the largest Raspberry producing area in the United Kingdom.

Natural features of the region include the Flens of Angus, Southern Grampian Mountains, Lochs Tay and Rannoch, Ochil and Sidlaw Hills and River Tay.

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