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As the name implies this county, covering over 1,300 square miles and with a population of 860,000, is centred on the Humber estuary.

It has it's administrative headquarters at Kingston upon Hull with it's other major towns being those of Grimsby (named after the Viking who founded the town), Scunthorpe, Goole and Cleethorpes.

It is yet another relatively new county with the northern part previously being part of Yorkshire and the southern part being part of Lincolnshire.

The river Humber dominates the county with the industries of petrochemical production, oil refining and fish processing all directly profitting from it. As with many other eastern English counties Humberside also relies on root crops, cereals and cattle farming.

Famous people who were born within he boundaries of modern day Humberside are Amy Johnson, the aviator, and John Wesley the founder of the Wesleyan church.

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